Nokia Lumia 1020 win race in Camera by Apple and Android .. #happyNokiausers

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Some things never change: Death, taxes and Nokia’s insistence that camera quality will help it take on the iPhone and Android smartphones. Even though this gambit hasn’t worked for the company much in the past, it’s still hellbent on giving it another try with itsupcoming Lumia smartphone that will feature a 41-megapixel cameraReuters has talked with several analysts who are very skeptical that Nokia’s plan to beat Apple and Samsung with top-notch cameras will be successful, especially if the company is unable to up its marketing spending to get word about the device out to the average consumer. IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo in particular said that Nokia will need help from Microsoft in the marketing department if it wants the new Lumia to be a hit, especially because Nokia’s current cash situation doesn’t leave it with much flexibility to launch a major marketing campaign. Nokia is reportedly set to unveil the Lumia 1020 during a press conference at 11:00 a.m. EDT, 8:00 a.m. PDT, and BGR will be covering the event live.

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  1. yar kiya ye flash plyer file play karta hai without downloading?

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