Buy iPhone make life more colorful : GOLD AND RED on hit list


Rumors suggest Apple may add color options to the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, but users that can’t bear to wait for Apple to offer iPod touch-like color options there are options.

Users can get a color iPhone 5 for $250 to $280 customizing multiple colors including the back, glass sections, the home button and even the SIM card tray to create a completely new look for the iPhone 5.

There are several companies that offer color iPhone services, but Colorware and Anostyleare the most popular options. Anostyle uses anodization, a chemical process, to change the color and offers many bright options with the same aluminum feel as the stock iPhone 5. Colorware hand paints the iPhone 5 with custom color options, offering more opportunities to choose specific colors



Both of these companies let users mail in their own iPhone 5 for coloring or anodization, which means users will be without the phone for a week or so, but it also means it’s more affordable than buying an unlocked iPhone 5 direct form the company.


With this option users aren’t limited to a handful of color options that Apple might offer with the iPhone 5S this year or on an iPhone 6 in 2014. Between the two services there are over 60 color options to pick from.



AnoStyle’s chemical anodization process doesn’t use paint, which some user may appreciate even though there aren’t as many customization options available. AnyStyle offers 13 color choices including a gold iPhone 5 option and a hot pink iPhone 5 option.

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