Who Will The winner of This HTC ONE GOLD : PKR Rupees 4 Lac : LUSH MOBILE


“What do you know about gold, Moneypenny?” A lot more having got our hands on the gold HTC One.

The limited-edition gold HTC One is one of five devices that has been specially created in partnership with Goldgenie, in celebration of HTC’s sponsorship of the MOBO Awards 18.

You’ll find the MOBO 18 logo laser-etched on the back, and one of these special-edition gold HTC One’s will be handed out to the winner (or winners) of the Best Newcomer award.


It’s coated in 18ct gold, with HTC pinning a £2,750 price tag on the model and adding an additional 5g of weight to the device.

In the hand it’s very much the HTC One that you know and love, although the HTC security guard looming in the background helps add gravitas to the occasion: it feels and looks lovely, but passing between the sweaty paws of tech journos saw it quickly covered with fingerprints.

Whoever ends up with this device would do well to consider keeping a polishing cloth close to hand too. Or just get the butler to take care of that for you.



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