Declared Winner of Bigg Boss Season 7 Final : Story that come to end



Bigg Boss 7 is India’s most popular reality show being hosted by superstar Salman Khan. Big Boss 7 brings together the angelic and demonic elements that the best depict Jannat and Jahannu. It is a reality show where famous Indian and International celebrity come as contestant to survive in a house for 104 days to be the ultimate winner. They have to perform well in house to win the heart of audience. The journey of Big Boss season 7 is into its final week and everyone is now want to see who will be the winner. In this post we are going to write about the who deserve to be the winner of Bigg Boss 7 and how the journey will come to an end.


Bigg Boss Season 7 Finalist Contestants

Bigg Boss Season 7 was started on 15th September 2013 and now the show is in its final week and everyone want to know who is final winner of Bigg Boss Season 7. The Final five contestant of Bigg Boss 7 that entered to the final week are : Sangram Singh, Ajaz Khan, VJ Andy, Tanishaa Mukherji and Gauahar Khan. Where Sangram Singh and Ajaz Khan are finalist and VJ Andy got eliminated in the mid of final week.

Bigg Boss Season 7 Final Winner Declared

Kamya Punjabi, VJ Andy and Armaan Kohli was one of the strongest candidate to be the winner of Bigg Boss Season 7. But we all know how they got eliminated with a surprise for their fans and audience of Bigg Boss 7. Now all the prediction and expectations about Bigg Boss Seven winner are turning out of way. There are rumors on many news websites that Ajaz Khan is declared winner of Bigg Boss Season 7. But as per audience polls on few popular website Sangram Singh is favorite of public and could be declared a winner for season 7 of Bigg Boss. Where rumors are spreading that Gauahar Khan is declared as 1st runner up and one among Ajaz Khan and Tanishaa Mukherji is declared as 2nd runner up of Bigg Boss Season 7 final.

Why Sangram Singh could be a declared winner

As per prediction of famous Indian Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani on 25th December 2013 the Sangram Singh is the declared winner of Bigg Boss Season 7. With respect to theprediction of Sanjay B Jumaani and also based on journey of Sangram Singh in bigg boss house we also declare Sangram Singh as the Final Winner of Bigg Boss Season 7.






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